Conversations: Changing courses by Keg de Souza at AGNSW

Artist Keg de Souza hosts a series of conversations and food events as part of her work Changing courses for the exhibition The National 2017: new Australian art.

At each session, we'll gather in de Souza's immersive installation on lower level 2 of the Art Gallery of NSW for a discussion on aspects of food culture in Australia. While sampling food specific to the conversation, we'll unpack the identity of a place through food.


Wednesdays 26 April, 24 May, 28 June
Free, bookings essential

For the full program and online booking, visit the Art Gallery of NSW website.

The Unsettling - Atlanta Eke & Ghenoa Gela at Carriageworks

The Unsettling is a cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration between Melbourne-based choreographer Atlanta Eke and Sydney-based choreographer Ghenoa Gela, which draws on the niche genre of Horrorcore Hip Hop to explore the invisible violence of the colonial present. In looking at the question of whether a white Australian artist (Eke) and a Torres Strait Islander artist (Gela) can work outside the processes of appropriation and assimilation to co-author a new work, the artists have merged the cinematic with the choreographic, creating a supernatural horror film which acts as a trailer to a period of exhibited rehearsals and two live performances that will take place at Carriageworks on Sunday 25 June.

The performative element of The Unsettling comprises two live solo performances, separated spatially but presented simultaneously, as they meet on screen.  Samples of pre-recorded video material with live-feed video of each performance is combined and looped together with live musical accompaniment  – a supernatural horror film made in real time before the audience.  It proposes a fiction set in reality; an analysis of how fictions function philosophically and politically as an invention and/or as a temporal or spatial augmentation of the present.


Exhibited Rehearsals
Thursday 22 June – Saturday 24 June, 11am–5pm
Live Performances
Sunday 25 June, 11am–12pm and 2-3pm

Public space, Carriageworks
Free, drop-in

Performance salon: It was about opening the very notion that there was a particular perspective by Alex Martinis Roe at AGNSW

During the course of the exhibition The National 2017: new Australian art, artist Alex Martinis Roe will be a hosting a series of workshops in which participants develop their own stories that build on the feminist and political histories of 1970s and 80s Sydney.

Join her for a performance salon that marks the culmination of these workshops.

The performances will take various formats, which might include lecture-performance, amateur theatre, choreography, film or debate. Through this coming together, they will form a series of propositions for 'feminist collective practice'.

This body of work is part of Martinis Roe's It was about opening the very notion that there was a particular perspective 2015-17, which includes a three-channel video installation on display at the Gallery.


Saturday 15 July, 2pm
Free, bookings required
Duration 2 hours