Encompassing a diverse range of mediums The National 2017: New Australian Art offers an opportunity to educators and students to experience the latest ideas and forms from contemporary art in Australia.

Education programs for The National are designed to engage students and teachers from across Australia as well as greater Sydney and NSW. Student-led forums, a rich collection of digital learning resources and an Educators Conference plus onsite programs present new possibilities to open up a dialogue around what is happening right now, right here.

Planning a school visit to The National

You may need to book your visit even if it is a self-guided group – use the links below to ensure your visit goes smoothly!


Art Gallery of NSW 

Booking required for self guided school visit and school programs available.



Booking not required for school visit.


Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia 

Booking required for school visit and school programs available.


Education Events

Under the Spotlight

Led by artist educators, discover the artworks, themes and narratives in our highlighted exhibitions throughout the year. What is the thinking behind the selection of works? What is the role of the curator? And how does an exhibition aim to inspire an audience?


30 March - 16 July
Art Gallery of NSW
Stages 4-6
60/90/120-minute duration
$165/$180/$225 per 15 students
Syllabus links: Visual Arts – artmaking, art criticism, art history